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Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions concerning the operation and maintenance of equipment POWERSTART
How to determine the degree of battery charge equipment POWERSTART?

Possible AB installation, you must recharge each time after starting the engine by connecting unit to power supply 380V, wherein the power module is automatically recharged AB. Indirectly to determine the degree of charge of the battery in two ways: 1) By their voltage, without connecting the unit to power supply of 380V, it is necessary to check before starting, the voltage AB using a special button attached to the output load 20-30 A. engine Starting is not recommended in case voltage less than 24 volts at minimum load (20-30 A). A fully charged set giving the voltmeter reading at least 24 volts, and fully discharged without connecting to the network, gives figures 20-21 volts. When the power of the AB setup that requires immediate charging! 2) Enable installation to the network of 380 V, without connecting the load (output cable is disconnected from the unit). The deflection of the ammeter installation from scratch (without external load), it says that is charging a battery. It is not recommended to produce the engine of the aircraft, it is necessary to wait until battery is charged (the needle of the ammeter will be set to zero). The higher the charge current, the more discharged the battery, as the charging current will decrease.

What is the life of the battery equipment POWERSTART?

It should be noted that the batteries gradually wear out, the capacity is expressed in ampere*hours, will be reduced. As a result, decreases the number of runs that can be made between recharging of batteries. Over time, with a substantial reduction in capacity, the battery should be replaced. Their lifespan depends on the number of launches and amount of power taken for each run or ‘depth of discharge’. Service life depends on the timely recharging of batteries. During normal operation, avoiding a deep (over 30%) discharge, and timely charging of the rechargeable batteries, their lifespan could be around 15 years.

What is the voltage drop of the battery equipment POWERSTART?

Equipment POWERSTART battery with more capacity will have a lower voltage drop. So, if You need more power, choose equipment POWERSTART battery with the highest capacity.
At what temperature you can keep and operate the equipment POWERSTART battery?
It is recommended to store the equipment POWERSTART battery in a warm room. In the period of low temperatures, we recommend the use of winter covers POWERSTART to retain heat inside the equipment POWERSTART. Batteries are not maintenance-free. Maximum storage time at 20°C, between charges, is about two years. The full storage time is 15 years in dry and warm room. Since at low temperatures reduces the capacity (discharge current) of the batteries is recommended before operation to sustain the battery in a warm room (+10 degrees) for at least two hours.

Is it possible to make engine starting equipment POWERSTART c batteries without connecting it to the external network?

With a fully charged battery can start the engine without attaching hardware POWERSTART to the external network.
Whether it is necessary to carry out metrological verification and how often?

Readings of the ammeter and voltmeter installations are visually informative, periodic metrological verification this equipment is not required.
Can you adjust the voltage on the DC sources POWERSTART and in what range?

Yes, voltage regulation for power supplies constant current possible. The adjustment range of voltage from 8V to 36V.
Can you adjust the voltage and frequency static frequency converters POWERSTART and in what range?

Adjusting the voltage and frequency static frequency converters 400 HZ of any series is possible. The range of voltage regulation +/-15%, frequency +/-5%.

Any recommendations for external environment operation of static frequency converters 400 Hz POWERSTART?

Standard static frequency converters 400 HZ for the series: 1. Series 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 made with protection enclosure IP22 – IP44 recommended for use in rooms or under sheds at temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees C. 2. The model 8000 series is made with protection IP54 or IP65, recommended for use outdoors at temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees C.

What is the warranty on the equipment POWERSTART?

POWERSTART ensures reliable operation within 18 months from the date of signing the act of commissioning, but not more than 24 months from the date of shipment of the equipment to the Buyer. Warranty, post-warranty service and repairs are done by specialists of LLC "Company "PVR". At the time of repairing or servicing equipment POWERSTART possible the provision of similar equipment to avoid downtime at the Customer.

The research was conducted POWERSTART equipment and assessment of its suitability
All equipment has passed POWERSTART research and testing.
The results of the testing can be found by clicking here the study of the PVR 100